England Lockdown End Date - Roadmap for Lifting Restrictions

At times during the past year, it has felt like Covid-19 would never be defeated. Lockdown restrictions fundamentally reshaped life in the England and changed how we interacted. The announcement of the respective UK lockdown end dates offers us a chance to pause and reflect on what we’ve missed. Covid-19 has robbed us of many simple joys, denying us moments and experiences that previously we took for granted. From beers in the park and holidays abroad, to dinner with family and friends, we each have catching up to do. Now, with Spring on our doorstep, the days getting longer and the lockdown end date in sight, we wanted to spread some optimism and show you what you’ll be able to do by which dates. Wherever you are in the UK, it’s going to be an amazing summer once lockdown restrictions are finally lifted.

What am I allowed to do in England now?

  • Go back to school... or Uni if it's a practical course.
  • Become a regular visitor for a care home resident
  • Meet up to 5 friends outside including private gardens
  • Get married with up to 6 people in attendance
  • Play outdoor sports with your friends
  • Read your favourite literature from your library
  • You can drink or eat in a beer garden
  • Go stay away in self-accommodation with your household
  • See the animals, ride the rollercoasters or watch films at drive-in cinemas
  • Get married with up to 15 people in attendance
  • Release endorphins in the gym or relax in the spa
  • You can go shopping
  • Snip and style those locks
  • Meet ALL your friends (well up to 30) outdoors
  • Play indoor sports with your friends
  • Meet some of your friends (up to 5 of them) indoors
  • Go to certain events - up to 1000 people indoors or 10,000 people outdoors
  • Go to museums, theatres or even cinemas!
  • Get married with up to 30 people in attendance
  • You MIGHT be able to go abroad on holiday
  • You can drink or eat inside the pub/restaurant
  • Get yourself to a hotel, hostel or B&B